News - New Hi-Speed Internet for Ana-Lab Corp.

With a goal of providing the best possible service to our clients, Ana-Lab has recently installed our own fiber-optic Internet service at the company headquarters and lab in Kilgore, TX.

We had always had limitations with our Internet services even with cable and T-1 lines.  Thankfully, we have now gone “live” with the new fiber-optic service on most of our equipment and are converting the rest over as fast as we can.

This new system gives us 100Mbs upload and 100Mbs download, which is a significant improvement over the service we have had in the past.

Improving our system’s speed should allow our clients that use our LDS system to retrieve and review their data significantly faster.

This is an investment in providing quality services to our clients, and it is a result of one of stated company goals:  continual improvement. 

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Weldon McFarland

Dr. Weldon McFarland is the CEO of Ana-Lab Corporation, headquartered in Kilgore, TX.