Ana-Lab can accommodate most of your drinking water testing needs. We are accredited by numerous states and NELAC for drinking water analysis. 

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Drinking Water

The EPA’s primary drinking water standards apply to public water systems and are legally enforceable. They also have a list of secondary drinking water standards, which are non-enforceable. These secondary standards offer guidelines for regulating contaminants that may cause cosmetic or aesthetic effects. You can find both the primary and secondary EPA standards, along with an explanation of health effects and possible sources in drinking water, at the following website:

Private Drinking Water Wells

The EPA does not regulate private drinking water wells. Some states and local governments do set rules for these. You should contact your local government or state drinking water office to see if rules apply in your area. The EPA has a wealth of information on private drinking water wells that can be found at the following website:

For information on private well disinfection and water sampling, please visit:

Bottle Drinking Water

For questions about bottled water regulation, a good source is the International Bottled Water Association. Please visit the following website for more information:

Bottled drinking water is regulated by the FDA. Please visit the following website for more information on their requirements:

Many times states will impose stricter guidelines. Please check with your state’s drinking water program for more information.

Waste Water

Waste water discharge is regulated by State Agencies as well as the EPA. Ana-Lab can also provide the analysis required for waste water permit renewal and quality testing of your waste water needs. Your state environmental quality agency website contains information as to the analysis necessary to meet these needs.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

The TCEQ website also contains useful information on both public and private drinking water. The following website contains information on drinking water and water availability.

For bottled drinking water in the state of Texas, please visit the following link to 25 TAC 229 subchapter F (Production, processing and distribution of bottle and vended drinking water):

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