Soil Analysis

Environmental soil testing screens for the presence and concentration of compounds such as PCBs, metals and hydrocarbons that may be present in soil as a result of storage tank leaks or manufacturing byproduct discharges . Ana-Lab works closely with environmental engineering firms providing laboratory services for site remediation projects. Environmental soil testing frequently falls within the parameters of the RCRA or TSCA programs. Ana-Lab provides a complete range of analytical soil testing. Ana-Lab is certified in a number of states and with the EPA in order to accommodate all of your Land Application requirements. These testing more

Lead Analysis

Exposure to lead is known to affect the health of children and adults. In particular, exposure to lead in paint, soil, and dust poses a significant risk to children---including a risk for permanent neurological damage---living in older homes, which make up much of the housing stock in major U.S. cities. In order to reduce, if not eliminate, the associated health risks, it is advisable to measure the presence of lead accurately and precisely. Ana-Lab applies our experience as an NELAP-accredited environmental lead laboratory. Our team -- consisting of chemists, technicians, and a quality assurance specialist -- has more than 10 years of more

Gas Analysis

Ana-Lab's gas analysis services provide our clients extensive experience and knowledge stemming from multiple disciplines. Led by professional chemists and technicians, Ana-Lab can provide complete gas testing and analysis along many parameters. Because of our extensive experience, Ana-Lab has an extensive working knowledge of industrial, commercial, chemical, and mining regulatory requirements. We couple in-depth expertise with qualified techniques for measuring and monitoring air pollution emissions and have established regulatory resources to facilitate and expedite solutions to your air quality needs. Permits and Compliance more

Ground Water Analysis

Ana-Lab follows ground water sampling practices that are fully compliant under Our services are guaranteed to meet regulatory requirements. Ana-Lab can accommodate all of your water and wastewater monitoring requirements. These testing services include discharge permits, compliance orders, permit renewals, the Safe Drinking Water Act, cooling tower waters and NPDES discharge. Ana-Lab is certified in a number of states and with the EPA in order to accommodate all of your groundwater monitoring requirements. These testing services include volatile and semivolatile compounds of concern, heavy metals, pH, more

Drinking Water Analysis

Ana-Lab can accommodate most of your drinking water testing needs. We are accredited by numerous states and NELAC for drinking water analysis. If you are in need of Drinking Water or Water Well testing, please click here. For testing questions, please contact us.

For more information on interpreting your test results, please refer to the EPA's website hereAna-Lab cannot interpret your test results.

Educational reference booklet published by Wilkes University, "Water Quality: Your Private Well: What Do the Results Mean?"

Petroleum & Related Materials

Ana-Lab is proud to offer a full range of petroleum testing services that include sulfur content, wear metals, API distillations, Reid vapor pressure, flash point, chromatographic analysis and BTU heating value. Please contact us for more information about these services. read more

E Cigarette Analysis

Ana-Lab offers superior quality testing of electronic cigarette vapor.  For information, please contact us.

CBD/Cannabinoid Analysis

For information, please contact us.