Exposure to lead is known to affect the health of children and adults. In particular, exposure to lead in paint, soil, and dust, poses a significant risk – including permanent neurological damage – to children living in older homes, which make up much of the housing stock in major U.S. cities. In order to reduce, if not eliminate, the associated health risks, it is advisable to measure the presence of lead accurately and precisely.

Lead inspection and lead risk assessment are useful first steps which can lead to more thoughtful decisions on managing lead paint and other lead hazards. Ana-Lab has specially trained personnel to perform lead inspections and assessments. Contact Philip Hollis at philip@ana-lab.com or call 903-984-0551 for more information.

Lead is a heavy metal and tops the list of environmental pollutants in its variety of sources and potential for exposure. People can be exposed to lead poisoning through air, paint, food, drinking water, dust and soil. Because lead was once commonly used in paints and water pipes, many older homes and office buildings present hazardous conditions. At Ana-Lab we analyze all forms of lead contamination, and highly recommend lead testing before removing old paint or buying a home or business space. We offer these lead analyses services to you using the following methods:

  • Lead in drinking water by method EPA 200.8 (ICP/MS)
  • Lead in paint by method ASTM E16-13
  • Lead in dust by method ASTM E16-13
  • Lead in petroleum contaminated soils and waters by method EPA200.7

In addition to lead, we can identify and quantify other potentially hazardous metals in air. If welding fumes are of concern to you, we will scan for aluminum, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, vanadium and zinc. We will profile toxic metals in air looking for arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and vanadium. Or we can do a more inclusive metals scan including, but not limited to, aluminum, arsenic, antimony barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, silver, sodium, tin, titanium, vanadium and zinc.

To view a Lead Based Paint Awareness Workshop, please click this link: Lead Awareness