Ana-Lab is proud of its staff of highly trained, professional, and talented chemists and technicians. In addition, the company has conscientious support personnel who are ready to assist. The entire Ana-Lab staff puts the client first, and is ready to serve you.

Tobi Duckworth

President & CEO

B.S. Education

Dr. C. H. Whiteside

President Emeritus

Ph.D. Biochemistry
M.S. Animal Physiology
B.S. Animal Science


Bill Peery, Jr.

Vice President of Technology and Regulatory Compliance

M.S. Computer Science, Chemistry
B.S. Computer Science
B.A. Biology

Carolyn Rominger

Chief Financial Officer

B.B.A. Accounting

Lynda David

Director of Marketing

B.B.A. Marketing

Dr. Weldon McFarland

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. Soil Chemistry
M.S. Soil Science
B.S. Agriculture

Skeeter Ludewig

Director of Operations

B.S. Education

Dr. Charles Beall

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry
B.S. Chemistry (ACS Certified)

Darla Rutland

Director of Human


Will Boyd

Director of Laboratory Operations

M.S. Environmental Science

Philip Hollis

Director of Field Operations

B.S. Agriculture

Josh Wilson

Director of Sales

Laboratory Team

Kathy Brown
Organics Supervisor
BA, Biology

Sue Vickers

Semi-automated Prep Supervisor

Melinda Muckelroy

Microbiology Supervisor

Jeanne W. Kramer
Gravimetrics Supervisor
MS, Physical Education

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Tracy Varvel
Quality Manager
MS, Environmental Toxicology