If we have already provided you with access, please login to our secure Web Laboratory Data Server by clicking one of the three links to access our WebLDS server:


What is WebLDS?

Ana-Lab's WebLDS provides our customers with real-time 24-hour access to their data. Clients can watch the progress of their samples from login through data reporting as they are completed in our lab. We designed our WebLDS to provide solid communication between our clients and laboratory personnel assisting them with their analytical needs.


Login - Confirm that your data has been logged correctly to ensure that each legal Chain-of-Custody is being interpreted correctly through login procedures.

Samples - View all your samples by project or sample number. WebLDS provides the client with the ability to view the progress of their projects or samples in our lab as we complete the analysis.

Results - View tables that indicate your project's specific test parameters, methods, samples prepped, verification status, reporting limits, all in real time.

Data View - Use our secure WebLDS application by downloading your projects, invoices, and Chain-of-Custody paperwork. We provide several different formats in order to meet reporting requirements.

Accessing our WebLDS

If you need access to WebLDS, please contact Bill Peery, our system administrator, who will provide you with secure access to your data. You can contact Bill at bpeery@ana-lab.com or 903-984-0551.